About the project:

It is a marvelous thing to be under a summer sky, watching the clouds and sun go by until they give in to warm and star filled nightscapes. Summer itself calls for action, for adventure, for last minute rendezvous and attempting to eat an ice cream completely before it starts to melt away from the heat, and failing while sweet drops drip and flow through your fingers into bare feet and fresh grass. 

But most importantly, summer is for restless spirits. It is the quintessential time for trips, and to be constantly on the move, WANDERLUST is a summer must. There is always a hunger for summer in the back of our minds, the desire for that carefree time to have spontaneous fun quests and memories to last a lifetime. That hunger for summer, that SUMMERLUST, is our spirit ever yearning to be completely free.

Here is where the connection happens. The inevitable marriage between Summerlust and Wanderlust. The two perfect companions. To have the best of times and let go for a living, while keeping yourself moving, exploring. Living life at its fullest. We all wish Summer never ends, because Summer turns us into kids again, we run, we jump around, we laugh and we are happy.

Just like winter calls for peace and introspection, summer calls for looking OUT, exploring, and for sun kissed happiness and warmth. 

This is Wanderlusters: A short film about Endless Summer.

One perfect summer adventure.

Production notes:

This project is made out of love and for the love of it,  completely non-profit and it is the result of my friends helping make this crazy project of mine come to life, having two summer filled fun days in the process. We all became a family.

Video was shot by: Jose Oliva and me. 

Pictures in the galleries were taken by: Pablo Contreras, Johannes Blijdenstein, Alejandro Marquez and me.

All the shoes worn in the short film were ever so kindly donated by WANDERLUST WEAR, an awesome company run by my friend Renate Krings, who also helped me so much with preproduction and planning. She is a force of nature.

Please feel free to explore all the photo galleries, behind the scenes, and more goodies. Make this adventure your own. 

For the complete credits please visit the CAST n' CREW page